Christ in Everything

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How few of us open the Bible with the same eagerness with which we open a letter! How few of us cannot live without daily correspondence with Jesus! I mean hearty, living, personal communion with Him, such as the Song of Solomon describes. It is seeing Him in all His beauty and gazing on the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ that makes us strong, joyous and holy.
It is to the heart that seeks Jesus that God ministers Jesus, and it is the diligent soul that is made fat. In 2 Peter 1, we are told to add to our faith virtue, and all these other graces. But why? Not merely for the having them to God’s praise and our blessing, but that we may be neither idle nor unfruitful in the knowledge of Jesus. Ah, that is everything, as Paul says, “That I may know Him,” and again, “The excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.” Other knowledge, even about the Word, tends to puff up, but this keeps the soul like a babe on the breast of its mother and works into us the very grace and gentleness and love of Jesus Himself. Witness Mary, who sat at His feet. Note too that the grace of Christ is an active thing, not merely the idle contemplation of a beautiful picture. It is the power of living for the comfort and good of others.
This is important, for we may delight in the Word — honestly indeed, and yet, not connecting it with Jesus, it is like manna which stinks. We may delight in the Word simply because it gives us comfort. This is a good thing, so far as it goes, for the Word is meant to give us comfort. However, it is possible, even in getting comfort from the Word, to have the heart on self and not on Christ. Under such circumstances it may be a very lovely song, but leaving only a remembrance of its having been heard. When it is Jesus Himself we are after, He brings us into the banqueting house, and we cannot help joining in it. God would not have us to be invalids in His house all our lives, feeding on our sorrows and our joys, but like loving children, who come to a hearty breakfast in the morning, in all the gladness of His smile and the family joy. Then each one goes out to work hard and heartily for Him all day, returning to dine and to tell how he has spent his time in commending Christ, by his walk and ways.
The one thing needful is to be near Jesus and to hear His words — everything else will follow.
Adapted from Words of Truth, Vol. 7:155-157