Christ Is All

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 4
I am so glad that Christ has died,
And put away my sin;
I am so glad He lives again,
My wand'ring heart to win.

I am so glad He's gone on high,
For me to intercede:
Watching o'er my steps down here—
Supplying all my need.

I am so glad His boundless love
No change nor coldness knows,
For on His breast my weary soul
Finds undisturbed repose.

I am so glad God by His word
Has given me to know
That through the precious blood of Christ
I'm whiter far than snow.

I am so glad He did the work,
And I have naught to do;
My joy is now to rest in Him,
And seek to please Him, too.

I am so glad it's not myself,
But what Christ is for me:
In all His loveliness I stand—
My all in all is He.

I am so glad He's coming soon,
And I shall see His face;
Forever in His likeness shine—
A monument of grace.

I am so glad that all of self
Will soon have passed away;
And Christ will be my all in all
Through one eternal day.