Christ Is Coming!

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"What's coming out of all this?" exclaimed a bewildered man of the world as he surveyed the news headlines reporting the earth-shaking events occurring almost everywhere today. To this a Christian gave the following terse reply:
"Christ Is Coming!"
On this momentous subject another has penned the following faithful appeal: Christ is coming, and one of two things will happen to you when He comes; you will either be caught up to be forever with Him or left behind for judgment. Think of it left behind for judgment. The Lord Jesus said "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man." How was it in the days of Noah? A world of sinners, heedless of God's warnings, and unprepared for His judgment, was in a moment swept away to eternal destruction by the terrible waters of wrath. So shall it be when Christ comes. Multitudes will be unprepared, because unwashed in His blood, and hence will be damned throughout eternity. Shall you be one of them?
No Mercy!
There will be terrible crying and wailing in that day, men and women crying out for mercy, and wailing because no mercy can be found. Will your voice be heard?
The myriads who have heard the gospel of God's grace, and turned carelessly away, will realize then that the day of grace is past, and that their doom is forever fixed. Shall you be one of them? Oh, mad lingerer on the brink of that abyss at whose foot dash and roar the flaming waves of eternal judgment, I warn you that Christ's coming is no mere fancy of a disordered mind. Already there are to be heard the mutterings of the approaching tempest. Dare you trifle with the solemn question of your soul's salvation! I solemnly warn you, by Christ's dread appearing, by the love that you have for your soul, by the fear of hell's eternal torment, to fly this moment for refuge to that Savior who still cries, "Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out."