Christ Is Coming!

Revelation 22:20
He is coming. He is coming!
Our long-looked-for, absent Lord!
He is coming for His people,
As He promised in His Word.
He is coming. He is coming!
Don't you feel that He is near?
He is on the very threshold,
Soon His voice will greet your ear.

He is coming! O what rapture!
Our beloved One is near.
He is coming! He is coming!
Soon His loving voice we'll hear.
He is coming! Are you ready?
Is your lamp all trimmed and bright?
Are you waiting for the Morning?
Are you looking toward the light?

He is coming! He is coming!
Hark His footsteps drawing near!
How it thrills your very being,
As you list His voice to hear
Lo, the eastern sky is glowing,
Soon the glorious Day will break,
Soon He'll burst upon our vision-
O, ye sleeping saints, Awake!

Soon the "trump of God" will call us,
Soon we'll meet Him in the air-
Him, the "altogether lovely,”
And the fairest of the fair.
He is coming! He is coming!
Cast the shades of night away!
He is coming! Our Beloved!
Dawns at last the glorious Day.