Colossians 1

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Timotheus (Timothy) sent his greetings in Paul’s letter to the saints of Colosse. They were both happy to hear a report, from a man named Epaphras, about the Colossians’ faith in Christ and their love for all Christians. The hope of these saints was the knowledge of the Lord’s coming for them. They had learned this truth through the preaching of the gospel. Since the day Paul and Timothy heard this report, they prayed for the Colossians to learn the ways of God and live their lives to please the Lord.
Christ has redeemed us, and we have had our sins forgiven. We have been saved from the power of Satan and sin and brought into the light of salvation. We have been brought into the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are free from the dangers of sin, death and hell.
The Lord describes all the living believers of the church as His body. The Man Jesus Christ is God. He should have the first place in all things, so He is the head and we are the body.
Paul had two duties. In verse 23 we find he was a preacher of the gospel so people could be saved. Next, he was a teacher of the truth of Christ and His church. God wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of this truth.
1. What was the name of the other brother who sent his greetings with Paul to the saints in Colosse? __________   Colossians 1:___
2. In whom did the Colossians have their faith? __________   Colossians 1:___
3. What has God delivered us from? __________   Colossians 1:___
4. Redemption means the price was paid to get rid of our sins, and now we can enjoy the __________ of all our sins.   Colossians 1:___
5. Jesus is the first person to rise from the dead who will never die again. He is the head of the body that in all things He might have the __________.   Colossians 1:___