Come, Lord Jesus

Revelation 22:20
COME, Lord Jesus! Hearts are waking,
Won, attracted unto Thee;
We have seen where now Thou dwellest,
And we long to be with Thee,
True and faithful to Thy word,
Quickly Thou will come, blest Lord.
LORD, we own Thy blood has washed us
From our sins of scarlet dye;
Brought us to Thy God and Father,
In Thyself forever nigh-
Soon with Thee to have our part
In that glory where Thou art.
JESUS, Savior, we adore Thee
For Thy wondrous, matchless grace;
Sweeter songs of praise we'll give Thee
When we gaze upon Thy face.
Surely, Thy return draws nigh:
"Come, Lord Jesus, come," we cry.