Common Humiliation

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If such a measure should come before you, I beg to call your attention and the attention of the saints to what follows. I have felt pressed in spirit before the Lord to do it since I heard of it; I have no object but that the saints should be free from taking any step till they take it by the guidance of the Spirit, knowing what it is they are doing.
Beloved Brethren,—I have learned by a providential circumstance that it is the purpose of our dear brother-to propose a common day of fasting and humiliation as to the state of the saints. I feel deeply, indeed, I have in my little manner acted on it when I could, that the very thing that is called for, and urgently called for, is fasting and humiliation, and deep, deep humiliation before God, as I know the beloved saints have already done so in several places. Hence on the mere point of so fasting I say nothing, believing that it muse be left to the Holy Ghost to guide the saints, as He sees good, to such a service. But what I feel bound to lay before them is this. When a common fast is proposed, it supposes of course a common object. All I think the saints would be wise to learn before undertaking to join in such a thing, is, what the common thing they join in is. Further, when we join in a common thing, we more or less identify ourselves with those with whom we join. In the present state of things, I would only suggest to the brethren not to commit themselves to anything they are unacquainted with. My own judgment is that some of the fasts at Plymouth (and I was at one of them myself, so that it is not to blame individuals) were by very far the worst things which have been done there before God—very, very far. This judgment of course I do not press on the brethren; I only suggest to them that, if a common fast is proposed, they should at least learn what the common thing is. I have no doubt what is done truly before the Lord, even in ignorance, will be blessed to those who do it in the end; but we act with power when we act with the knowledge of His mind.
Ever, in true affection in the Lord,
Your brother in Christ.