Consider Him!

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 3
Art thou of the-desert weary?
Weary of the "little while-"
Weary of the darkness round thee,
Weary of the night of toil?
Look up-consider HIM.
Art thou weary of thy sinning
Against Him who loves thee so?
Weary of the ceaseless struggle
With the flesh which drags thee low?
E'en then, remember HIM.
Remember Him, God's wrath enduring,
Paying the price which thou didst owe;
And thus by death, thy, life procuring-
Thy joy-the purchase of His woe
Oh! then, remember HIM.
What beauty do they see in Jesus,
As "sitting down they watched Him there?"
Do they consider His perfection?
Alas! they knew not He is fair.
Let us consider HIM.
Ah! let us sit, and see Him bleeding,
And as we watch, think what we were;
And what we are, by grace, that saved us,
And still continue watching there-
And thus consider HIM.
Consider Him.- His body broken-
His precious blood poured out for thee; -
Consider, in that wondrous token,
His love-His deep, deep love for thee.
Amazed! consider HIM.
Consider Him-until beholding
"Him as He is," and face to face,
We'll learn to know His deep perfection,
And all the fullness of His grace;
And still consider HIM.
J. W. T