Correspondence to the Editor of the Bible Treasury

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Sir, If we walk in the light, as God is in the light, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin. Walking in the light, as God, &c., is not walking as perfectly as God is perfect, as must be manifest; but if the darkness is past, Judaism, and all its power to evil, is past, and the true light now shineth. God is light, and if a man walks in his standing in Christ, by faith, he is in the light, as God is in the light, and the blood of Jesus Christ takes its full cleansing power. I would compare this with the view in “Fragments gathered up,” in your May Number. It does not apply to failures, but to standing, to fellowship, and advance in the divine life. I could now add much of the latter part of the second paragraph, “The verse does not say, has cleansed,” &c. The use of the present tense is in perfect keeping with the mind of the Spirit, as manifested in this Apostle. Then follows the rejection of the claims of being free from sin practically or actually.