Daniel 6: August 1996

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In chapter 6 of Daniel we find the well-known story of the den of lions in which Daniel spent a night. King Darius had promoted Daniel to be the first ruler over all of his princes, and it was because of his godly spirit that all of the other princes were put under his responsibility.
The position that the king placed Daniel in made all of the others very jealous of him. They hated Daniel because he loved and honored God. Their hatred of Daniel was so great that they planned to kill him. These wicked rulers knew that Daniel prayed faithfully to the God he loved, and it was in this way they planned to destroy Daniel.
The wicked princes tricked King Darius into signing a decree which forbad anyone to ask anything of the God in whom they trusted for thirty days. A person could ask King Darius to give them something, but if they asked anyone or even God, that person would be cast into a den of lions.
Of course, Daniel continued to pray to his God, and so he was cast into the den of lions. But Jehovah, in whom he trusted, shut the lions’ mouths and he was not hurt. In the morning, King Darius was very happy that Daniel was alive, for he loved Daniel. The king had all of the wicked rulers and their families thrown into the lions’ den where they were destroyed.
Daniel continued to rule in Darius’ kingdom and in the kingdom of Cyrus who lived afterwards.
Before we continue our journey through the Bible, let’s rest while you look for the following verses:
1. When the Lord Jesus rose from the dead, the unbelieving Jews told others that His body was gone because His disciples took it away by ____________ . Matthew 28:___
2. The Lord Jesus said that the unbelieving Jews not only ____________ Him, but His Father also. John 15:___
3. After Saul of Tarsus (the Apostle Paul) was saved and began to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Jews looked for an opportunity to ____________ him. Acts 9:___
4. The Apostle Paul wanted the Thessalonian believers to pray for him so that he would be protected from ____________ men who wanted to stop the gospel from being preached. 2 Thessalonians 3:___
5. “Knowing” what the Lord wants a believer to do is not enough to make that one ____________ . John 13:___