Day 10 – Genesis 10

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
The history of Noah's three sons. Really the whole world today is divided from these three sons. Japheth... the European people are his descendants. (Also some of the people of North Africa came from this man). Ham... from him came those now living in Africa, and some of the people known as Arabs. Shem... many of the nations living on the continent of Asia came from him. The Israelites are in this group. You sometimes hear people who are against the Jews being called "anti-Semites". The word "Semite" comes from "Shemite"... descendants of Shem.
V. 8-10 Notice Nimrod. His name means "we will rebel". His kingdom was Babel (Babylon). Nimrod was a hunter, Satan's two methods are what a hunter uses, deception and violence. He is a picture of the antichrist who will lead the rebellion against the Lord after the believers have been caught away to heaven. In Rev. 17 you can read of "mystery, Babylon", representing man's last attempt to organize a world government.