Day 107 - Ex. 32

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In the middle of all this wonderful subject of the building of the tabernacle, suddenly, dreadful trouble enters. When God is working, Satan is sure to stir up opposition.
V. 7-10 Nothing escapes God's eye.
V. 11-14 Moses graciously intercedes for the sinning people. The Lord accepts Moses' words.
V. 15-18 Moses and Joshua come down from the mountain with the ten commandments written on two stones.
V. 19-21 Seeing the people mixing entertainment with their religious idolatry, Moses is angry and smashes the stones, thus saving the life of all the people, for surely God's holy commandments could never have been brought into the camp. For they were already breaking the first two commandments.
V. 22-24 Blaming others and not telling the truth himself.
V. 26 Beautiful contrast. These men were willing to separate themselves from the evil. Are we? It was religious evil, remember.
V. 32 What love Moses has for the people!
V. 34-35 Though the Lord would he gracious, nevertheless punishment must fall.