Day 108 - Exodus 33

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
V. 1-6 When the Lord sees something in our life, which is not pleasing Him, we must strip ourselves of it if we are to be restored, then only comes progress in our soul.
V. 7-11 Every man now has to make a personal decision... stay in the camp, or if he wanted to please the Lord, go out to a tabernacle ("a tent of meeting") set up far from the camp. Now turn to Heb. 13:1313Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach. (Hebrews 13:13)... instruction for believers today. As Israel's camp was defiled by religious evil, so has Christianity become defiled by man-made religious corruption. We are to go out to Christ, bearing His reproach. If you do this you will learn what reproach means.
V. 12-16 Is this enough for us, too? Or do we need a man to lead us?
V. 17-23 "A place by Me... upon a rock". That was the sweetest, most glorious place Moses could ever have! We Christians share that place of nearness to God, our Father, as we "stand" upon Christ our Rock and enjoy all His protection and thoughts of His glories.