Day 11 – Genesis 11

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V. 1-9 Connect these verses with the paragraph above. The word "Babylon" in Scripture is also a picture of idolatrous corruption. Israel was carried away captive into Babylon because they disobeyed the Lord and became idolaters. The believer who dabbles with the world will lose his power and will become captive to Satan. In the day of tribulation (see your chart) idolatrous corruption will rise to its highest point just before the Lord comes in power, ("E" on your chart) and destroys it all. The tower of Babel brought about the scattering of the people. A way to remember what Babylon is a picture of, is this "Egypt" is the world from which the "church" was called out of, and "Babylon" is a picture of the world into which the "professing church" has gone into.
V. 10-26 Notice how the age of people dropped. Methuselah lived 969 (5:27), then Arphaxad after the flood ... (son of Shem) verse 12-13, lived 438 years. Eber (verses 16-17 lived 464 years, the longest after the flood.
V. 20 After the scattering from Babel, Reu lived 239 years. Life again was shortened in Abraham's day, for he lived 175 years (25:7). In Psa. 90:1010The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. (Psalm 90:10) God set it at 70 years, and it hasn't changed much since then. But the Lord Jesus was cut off in the midst of His days (Psa. 102:2424I said, O my God, take me not away in the midst of my days: thy years are throughout all generations. (Psalm 102:24)) at about 33 years of age.
V. 27-32 Abram (later his name was changed to Abraham 17:5) is introduced to us.