Day 12 - Genesis 12

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
V.1-5 Abraham’s call by God was a very definite call to separate himself from everything which any man could count dear — his country his people and his family. Abraham can be a picture of the believer whose citizenship is in heaven — Phil. 3:20, the word “conversation” can also be translated “citizenship” — though living down on this earth. Abraham was called upon to walk by faith, and live as a stranger and pilgrim on earth. The promises made to him were great (v. 2).
V.7 Two things to notice. The Lord appeared to him when he had arrived at the land of Canaan. You too will know it when you are in the right place to worship the Lord. Secondly, he built an altar there, where he worshipped God. There was a response in his heart.
V.10-20 Always remember that the people in the Bible who are types (pictures) of the Lord or other great things, were just human beings who sometimes failed. Here we read of Abram’s second failure. The first was that he stopped at Haran (Gen. 11:31), instead of going all the way to the land of Canaan. This time he goes farther, and we find him now on his way down to Egypt (v. 19), instructing his wife to tell a lie. Sometimes we believers hold back, and sometimes we go too far! Egypt is a picture of the world with all its attractions and culture. As believers, we are constantly being tempted to go back into the world. Abram wasted time there, and suffered, in some things, the rest of his life for his failure. God was merciful to him and allowed him to become rich. May it be a warning to us.