Day 128 - Acts 12

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V.1-19 God had allowed a great famine throughout the world at that time (11:28), but this catastrophe did not prevent the king from being occupied with destroying the Lord’s poor servants. Stephen and James are killed one by the mob, the other by King Herod, and now Peter is imprisoned, to be put to death shortly. What sorrows! What testing of their faith! But all these turned them to prayer! Peter, instead of making the story known everywhere, is sent to Caesarea for some time.
V.20-23 But, in contrast, God sends an angel to this wicked king with a different mission. What a dreadful death.
V.24 What fruit from the seeds of death, sorrows, testing and prayers! These verses are showing us that when believers pass through troubles, that is when there is blessing. The Word of God grew because it is living!