Day 129 - Acts 13

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 9
V.1-3 The assembly at Antioch, sends out Barnabas and Saul (Paul), without consulting Jerusalem. This because the Holy Spirit, and not the Apostles, is in charge. The assembly of believers is gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus, and He directs all by the Holy Spirit. The disciples lay their hands on these two men, showing that they had their fellowship.
V.4-12 The Holy Spirit was with them, thus stirring up Satan’s opposition. Satan tried to turn away the official from the faith. One man is blinded for his wickedness; the other believes, receives light (spiritual) and is astonished at the doctrine (teaching) of the Lord.
V.13 John Mark leaves the missionary group and returns to Jerusalem. A loss to himself, and the cause of serious trouble later.
V.14-51 The long missionary journey, resulting in Jews and Gentiles being saved.
V.16-41 Paul gives a review of Israel’s history as Stephen had done (in the 7th chapter). Stephen goes deeper into the guilt of Israel in rejecting prophet after prophet. Here Paul holds out individual salvation to anyone who would believe (vvs. 38-39).