Day 132 - Acts 16

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V.1-3 Paul meets Timothy again. Timothy was brought to the Lord by Paul (1 Tim. 1:2) probably on his first trip to Lystra the year before. Notice what is said of Timothy. He had grown fast in his soul. Timothy was the son of a mixed marriage between Jewish mother, and Gentile father, and therefore according to the Jewish law (Ezra 10) was considered unclean. So Timothy is circumcised to satisfy the Jews.
V.4-13 Paul was being carefully directed by the Spirit of God.
V.14-15 Sweet simplicity here. Her heart was opened and she believed.
V.16-22 Satan, not succeeding by subtlety, now uses violence, and stirs up the authorities, and the crowd against Paul and Silas.
V.25-40 Badly beaten, with feet fastened in stocks, notice what they do in the prison. Power shows when God’s people pray and praise.
V.30 The question which men and women, boys and girls still ask when in earnest.
V.31 The glorious answer rings out clearly, simply and plainly.
V.32 They spoke of the Lord, not of themselves.
V.33-34 The result! First he trembles, then cries out, then hears, believes, learns the word of the Lord, takes the prisoners home, washes their stripes, is baptized, sets food before Paul and Silas, rejoices, believing with all his house! What grace of God to a poor sinner!