Day 135 - Acts 19, Verses 1-20

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
V.1-7 Paul finds more people like Apollos who had not received much Christian teaching and knew only that they were John the Baptist’s disciples. John had been dead many years. They are again baptized, and then they receive the Holy Ghost.
V.8-10 A big change in church history takes place now. Previously, the believers were in the synagogues, but hereafter Paul leads them to an outside position.
V.11-12 God confirms this by special miracles done by Paul. We never hear Paul preaching in the temple or synagogues after this.
V.13-20 Some Jews attempt to cast out evil spirits by the name of Jesus; but Satan knows the difference, and they are overcome and wounded.
V.17-20 Fear of God produces great results. Books of divination (fortune-telling) are burned, but THE BOOK grows.