Day 136 - Acts 19, Verses 21-41

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
V.21-29 Demetrius’s remarks are instructive to us, for we see the very same situation today. His trade — making silver images of the heathen goddess Diana — is a great money-maker.
V.25 He calls the tradesmen together and presents his reasons for getting rid of the gospel preachers. Notice that his own religious beliefs have no bearing on the case. First, he appeals to their pocketbook. This has great force. Secondly, he mentions that Paul has caused a lot of people to fall away from their heathen worship.
V.27 Thirdly, their trade was shrinking in consequence. Fourthly not the goddess, but the building would be despised. Fifthly Diana’s magnificence would be destroyed. Obviously, they had never thought of Diana being able to defend herself.
V.28 These arguments succeed, for they appeal to their mind and their greed. What a contrast with Christ and Christianity! We follow a glorified Man, well able to lead, and protect and completely satisfy us.
V.29-34 Utter confusion, with violence following.
V.35-41 The town clerk tries to calm the populace by telling them that everything would be well with their Diana. Diana is long since gone and forgotten, but Christ lives!