Day 137 - Acts 20

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V. 1-12 Paul crosses the water into Macedonia (present day Greece).
V. 7 The disciples gathered each first day of the week to break bread ... to remember the Lord in His death. Paul preaches till midnight, a young man falls asleep and falls to the ground from the third story. Now let's think of this story as representing the teachings of Paul to the church over the centuries. As the centuries went by, Christians got tired of Paul's preachings that we are one body; that we are heavenly (not earthly) citizens, that the Lord is coming to take us out of this world, and many more things. So the church fell asleep, and fell from its separated position (3 stories above the world or street level) and it looked as if it were dead. But toward the end of the 19th century, the truth of Paul's teachings were revived. (Paul goes to the young man and he comes back to life. He wasn't dead... he only looked dead). Paul starts to speak again, The truth of Paul's teachings become very precious to many believers once more. He continued till break of day. The Lord's coming will be the break of day for us. The truth of the teachings revealed to Paul, will go on until the Lord comes!
V. 17-38 Paul calls the elder brethren from Ephesus to meet him and delivers one of his most serious warnings. A message which everyone should read carefully. Paul warns them of evil religious evil coming in from two sources from outside and from within.
V. 27 The importance of all Paul's teachings. Many believers today quite refuse the whole truth of Paul's teachings.
V. 29 Attacks from unbelievers... that of the world, such as we are seeing very much today.
V. 30 Attacks from believers... those who refuse Paul's separating teachings. We trust and pray, you are not one of these.
V. 31 The degree of Paul's earnestness.