Day 143 - Acts 25, Verses 13-27

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V. 13-27 A higher authority, King Agrippa and his wife, come to Caesarea. To them governor Festus relates Paul's case. The king decided he would like to see Paul himself. Read again 9:15. This verse is fulfilled! When we read verse 11 of our chapter, we might have wondered if Paul wasn't going too far in appealing to Caesar in Rome, but just think of these results: Paul preached (1) to the people at Jerusalem 22:1-6; (2) to the Jewish leaders 23:1-6; (3) to Felix and the Roman soldiers 24:10-21; (4) to Felix and Drusilla privately 24:24-25; (5) to many others who had free access to visit Paul 24:23 (6) to Festus 25:10; (7) to Festus, Agrippa and Bernice and the officers and the court there 25:23; (8) to the sailors and passengers on the voyage to Rome chapter 27; (9) to the chief and people of Malta (Melita) 28:7-10; (10) and lastly, the climax of all, to the capital of the world 28:16-31.