Day 146 - Acts 27, Verses 1-26

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
V.1 A centurion was a man in charge of 100 men. This Roman official, Julius, is returning to Rome, and so Paul and other prisoners are put in his charge. Augustus Caesar was the Roman Dictator. Paul took the gospel right to his palace.
V.2 The journey by sea towards Rome begins.
V.3 Julius permits Paul to visit other Christians.
V.10-11 The centurion seems to be giving orders and deciding matters over the captain and owner of the ship. He does not follow Paul’s advice — really God’s.
V.13-20 The Lord is the Lord of the weather. A great storm develops, and all hope of survival is given up.
V.21-26 Paul is a different man from Jonah — he is in communion with God. He assures them of God’s promise that not one person would lose his life.