Day 157 - Lev. 7, Verses 1-18

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
V. 1-10 A few interesting instructions for the sin and trespass offerings.
V. 2 Notice the first part... to do something to another person might not be considered by us as being very serious, but here we see that the sacrifice necessary for this was killed in the same place as the Burnt offering. This gives us an idea of the seriousness of it in God's sight. Then the blood had to be put in the same place!
V. 3-5 All the fat was to be offered up to God. The fat... the inward, unseen part. Christ's beauty, loveliness, value to God.
V. 7 Then the priest who offered it was to have what remained. Christ is the Priest who has made atonement. It was His joy to offer Himself to God.
V. 11-34 The laws of the Peace offering. Remember that is one of the sweet-savor offerings...God's delight in the death of His Son and sharing this delight with us. So we have a lot about the Lord's part, the priest having some of the sacrifice, and the offerer eating the rest with his friends who were clean.
V. 12-18 The sacrifice was to be eaten the same day, under ordinary circumstances; or if a voluntary offering, it might be eaten the day after, but not later. We learn from this that the eating of the sacrifice must not be separated from the offering on the altar. God will not permit us to separate communion with Him from the work of the cross.