Day 16 – Genesis 16

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Abraham fails once more. Israel today, with all its troubles, bloodshed, and wars with the Arabs, is the result of Abraham's use of Hagar. The Moslems today consider that the Arabs are descendants of Ishmael, 37:27. Hagar had been brought from Egypt! Friendship with the world will bring us into much sorrow.
V. 4-6 Into his family came misery, pride, jealousy, quarreling and injustice.
V. 7-16 Yet how merciful God was to this poor woman!
V. 14 She comes to the well "Beerlahoiroi", which means, "the well of the living One who sees me". When we sin, there is only One to Whom to go and confess... God. 1 Epistle of John 1:99That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. (John 1:9). But we may have to carry the results of our foolishness to the day of our departure from this world.