Day 170 - Lev. 16, Verses 1-19

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
We have had, (1) pure, clean food, chapter 11, (2) Pure bodies, chapter 12, (3) Pure persons, chapter 13, (4) Pure homes, chapter 14. (5) Pure habits, chapter 15, and today we read of (6) pure worship. A subject of the greatest importance... to God, and to any of us who, from a pure heart, desire to know His mind on this subject.
V. 1-2 In chapter 10, we have read of the death of Aaron's two sons for approaching God in the wrong way. Today we read of the consequences of this offense against God. Up until their death, Aaron could go into God's presence in the "Holiest of all" in the Tabernacle, at any time NO MORE. Aaron would die if he did!
V. 3 No mention of the "Meal" or "Peace" offerings. Only these two. One was for God, the other for the people.
V. 4 Now garments. All pure white, linen and holy. Of Whom is this a picture? None other than our Lord Jesus, God come down to earth, to be a spotless, pure holy Man, (His incarnation) to live for God's glory, and die.
V. 5-10 Two goats for a "sin offering". He cast lots (let God choose) on the two. One "for the Lord", and the other for a "scapegoat", to be sent away into the wilderness. Meaning? Glorious picture of Christ dying on the cross for two purposes... (1) (the goat "for the Lord"). He met all the claims of a holy God, of God's nature. His very character and His throne. And (2) (the scapegoat) perfectly meeting all man's guilt and all he needed. God's side, our side.
V. 11-14 "For himself and for his house". Meaning? These four verses are a magnificent picture of Christ and His assembly (the church).
V. 12-13 Meaning? Heaven is filed with the sweet and holy perfume of that precious incense, which is Christ in all His sweetness and graces.
V. 14-15 Notice that the blood of both types of offering was taken right into the very presence of God at the Mercy Seat. Meaning? The Lord Jesus said, in John 17:1919And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. (John 17:19) that both He and the believers are satisfied. God is delighted, and accepts this.
V. 16-19 The whole Tabernacle had to be atoned for the highest (the sanctuary inside) and the altar (outside, just inside the gate). This because of the uncleanness of the people. Meaning? So wonderful for us to know that no matter how careless and weak we are, we have a perfect standing with a holy God. All because of the work of Christ... first for God, then for us. So we can enjoy PURE WORSHIP.