Day 18 – Genesis 18

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
Here we see Abraham at his best kind, hospitable, thoughtful, generous, understanding that it was the Lord to whom he was speaking.
V. 2 He ran toward the men in confidence, but quickly bowed before the Lord in reverence.
V. 9-15 Sarah gets her first direct news of the son (Isaac) whom she was to bear at almost 100 years of age!
V. 16-33 God would not hide from Abraham what He was going to do to Sodom. God delights to show us what He intends doing. The trouble lies with so. So often we are careless in our life, and therefore get out of communion with Him. And then we lose the confidence in the Lord we once had. And finally we lose our discernment.
V. 20-33 Abraham speaks to God and pleads for the city of Sodom. He knew his unfaithful nephew Lot lived there. What love Abraham had! What confidence in the Lord! When we walk with the Lord we can speak to Him in complete confidence.