Day 180 - Psalm 32

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V.1-2 The thankful words of one who has been forgiven. He doesn’t pretend, because he realizes the Lord knows everything.
V.3-4 He remembers how terrible it was when the Lord first began to work in him.
V.5 It was a great day when he confessed all to the Lord. (This is our way of staying in communion with the Lord).
V.8 Notice the order of the three promises. Don’t forget them.
The horse and mule have no understanding of the mind of their master. The Lord doesn’t want us to be like them. God wants to guide us gently and with love. But sometimes He has to bring real trouble or sorrow into our life because we are trying to have our own way.
V.11 Here the forgiven sinner encourages others to join with him in praising the Lord.