Day 184 - Psalm 41

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There were times in the life of David when his own friends turned against him. One of these was Shimei, and one of them was his own son Absalom. But there were some who were true to David and suffered with him.
V.1 “The poor” really means the despised followers of the Lord in a still future day. Those who will remain faithful in waiting for the Lord are called “poor,” “weak,” or “godly.” Although this will be fulfilled after we are gone to heaven, yet it is true even now. For those who love the Lord are despised. He is happy to see those who confess His name.
V.5 Even today, there are many who hate that precious Name, and would like to see it blotted out. But we can honor that name in our hearts, our lips and our ways. We can be with those who are gathered to His precious Name. The One whom we love is despised, and if we wish to be popular in this world, we shall be unfaithful to Him.
V.9 David wrote this when one of his special friends had turned against him, and he felt it very much. At the same time, he valued those who stayed with him and were true to him.