Day 187 - Hebrews, 4

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
V. 1-2 A serious warning for those who heard the Word of the Lord in the days of Moses, but did not truly believe. This warning is still very much needed, for there are many who say they believe the Bible, but have never accepted the Lord Jesus, by faith, as their Savior. They do not think that they are sinners.
V. 3-11 The Lord Himself rested on the seventh day, after the work of creation. Those who know the Lord, already enjoy the wonderful rest of conscience through His finished work. But there is another rest eternal rest, yet to come. The name "Jesus" in verse 8 is really the same as "Joshua" in the Old Testament.
V. 12-13 The Word of God searches right into every heart and reveals all that people cannot see.
V. 14-16 We believers have the same One who died for us, now living for us as a sympathetic High Priest. The chapter began with "Let us therefore fear" now ends with "Let us therefore come boldly". In this chapter we have four things. Rest...the Word of God...a Great High Priest...and a throne of grace!
V. 12-16 The more keenly we feel the Word of God hitting the conscience, the more we will value the service of our great High Priest, the Lord Jesus in heaven.