Day 188 - Hebrews, 5

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The Lord Jesus is compared with Aaron the priest.
V. 1-3 An earthly priest, such as Aaron, was himself a sinner and had to offer sacrifices for himself as well as for the people. In this, of course, the Lord Jesus was far better, for He did no sin ( 1 Peter 2:2222Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: (1 Peter 2:22)) and was able to offer Himself as a perfect sacrifice once.
V. 5-6 The Lord Jesus was chosen to be a priest by God Himself. "Thou art my Son" this is His personal glory. "Thou are a priest forever" this is His official glory.
V. 8 When He was in heaven as Son with His Father, there was never any question of obedience. But when sent into the world as Man to do the Father's will, the Lord Jesus learned the meaning of obedience, and what it meant to suffer.
V. 9 The work is finished. The Savior who died, now lives, and is the author (beginning) of "eternal salvation". We are not only saved from our sins, but the One who saved us, now lives for us, and is coming for us.
V. 11-14 It was hard for the Hebrews to learn some of these new things, for they had not yet given up the old things. They still honored angels, Moses and Aaron, and as we shall see later, the temple, the priests and the sacrifices. But this book was written to tell them that Someone "much better" had come. All those things which meant so much to them, were only pictures of the One who had now come.