Day 189 - Hebrews, 6

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V. 1-8 Are verses which have been used by some to say that a person could lose his salvation. But we all should realize that the persons referred to here were never true believers.
V. 1-2 These are things which were believed by Jews before the full truth of Christianity was made known.
V. 4-5 Some of those things may be known by a person without being born again.
V. 6 There were many who had seen much of the wonder of Christianity, but were not saved at all. It is most serious to see how very near a person can be to the knowledge of the wonderful truth of Christianity, and yet be lost. For if one has known the truth of Christianity, in the head, and then turns from it, there is no salvation anywhere else. "Knowing about" is not "believing in".
V. 9 Here the writer speaks to the true believers..."we are persuaded better things of you...", making it clear that he was contrasting them with the mere professor; spoken of earlier in the chapter.
V. 11-20 How sure and steadfast is the hope of the believer! Abraham had only promises on which to rest, but those who know the Lord, have a finished work and a living Savior in the heavens, the One who had made salvation sure to us. This hope is absolutely certain but is yet future. Our hope in Christ is a sure and steadfast anchor. The "Anchor" (Christ) is in heaven.