Day 19 – Genesis 19

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
What a dark, disastrous chapter this is! It was degrading for Lot to be living in such a sinful place. Yet the Lord mercifully delivered him, although he loses his wife and some of his family. And then destruction comes to the wicked city. Notice where the judgment comes from.
V. 14 Lot can be a picture of a believer who compromises with evil and has a poor reputation. In chapter 14 we read that when Lot had been taken prisoner from Sodom, Abraham had rescued him, but he had returned to live in Sodom! Now Lot is telling his sons-in-law to get out of the city. What a warning this is to us. They Thought he was mocking them because he had come to Sodom twice himself. What is our reputation among our relatives and friends? Do we realize that judgment is just about to fall on this world? Is our life a warning to them? Will they listen to us?
V. 16 The angels had to take Lot's hand, the hand of his wife and the hands of the two daughters and pull them out of the doomed city.
V. 26 The heart of Lot's wife was still in the city. In spite of the fact that They had been told not to look back (verse 17) she disobeys, and dies.
V. 30-38 Drunkenness and degrading acts go together; yet people laugh when they see a person under the influence of liquor. What a shameful story. But God hides nothing. Abraham is ever remembered Lot passes out of the picture.