Day 190 - Hebrews, 7

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
V. 2 First King of righteousness, and after that... King of peace. A picture of the Lord Jesus, who satisfied all the righteous demands of God on the cross that we might have peace. He will also defeat all His enemies in righteousness, and then bring peace to the earth (after Christians are taken to heaven). Christ is both King and Priest.
V. 3 This does not mean he had no father or mother, but that he wasn't in any line of priesthood.... he just suddenly appears, as a type, and disappears.
V. 4-17 How very great this man Melchisedec was, and yet it is all written in order that we may see how much greater is the Person of our glorious High Priest, our Lord Jesus Christ.
V. 19 All the demands of the law, and all its sacrifices, and all its priests, never made anything perfect. But a better hope did! How wonderful that we have in Christ that better and certain hope!
V. 25 There is One who lives for us now, and who is able not only to save us not only from our sins, but to take up through the trials and the testings of our life until we are home.
V. 26-28 What a perfect Savior and Priest we have! In one sacrifice, He has forever finished the work and now lives for us "higher than the heaven".