Day 191 - Hebrews, 8

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
Some of those Jews who had received this letter were apparently finding it hard to understand that many of the things they had learned from their old religion were now replaced by one Person, Jesus Christ. They had to learn that the old things were merely pictures of Christ.
V. 6 "A more excellent ministry" "a better covenant"... "better promises". How often we have noticed this! How much better is the wonderful place that is ours in a risen Christ, than under the bondage and the sacrifices of the law.
V. 8-9 To understand this, we should remember that God made an agreement (the Bible calls it a "covenant") with Israel in the Old Testament days. They completely disobeyed it and thus broke it. In our verses we read the words "finding fault with them", this refers to the fact that they had broken the agreement.
V. 10-12 The Lord is going to make a new agreement with Israel (after we believers are caught away to heaven). This, however will be based on the perfect work of Christ on the cross.