Day 192 - Hebrews, 9

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V. 1-5 If we think back to the Old Testament days we would see priests in gorgeous robes, golden furnishings and many sacrifices. What a magnificent sight! But would we know our sins forgiven once and for always? No. Would we have peace of conscience? No. Would we be able to draw near to God? No. None of these things could be enjoyed under the "first covenant".
V. 8 "The way into the holiest of all (where God lived) was not made known.
V. 11 But Christ being come...”
V. 12-24 What a comparison! "By His own blood... (He) obtained eternal redemption". No more sacrifices, for this redemption is eternal. What a joy it must have been to a believing Jew, to see that all those sacrifices, as well s the tabernacle and the priesthood, pointed to this one glorious Savior, and His mighty work! (We rejoice too, for it is for us also.)
V. 16 The word "testament" is much the same as the word "will", which is written by someone to tell what is to be done with his possessions when he dies. But that will is of no value until the man dies. Christ had to die in order for us to receive the promised blessings.
V. 23 That same word "better"... surely the blood of Christ is far better than the blood of all the animals ever sacrificed.
V. 24 Christ is above, watching over us all the while that we are down here the present.
V. 26 "Hath".. this is what He did and completed at the cross the past.
V. 28 "Shall appear" He is coming again the future.