Day 196 - Heb. 11, Verses 23-End

V. 23-24 give us examples of the "energy of faith" which overcomes.
V. 25 A good choice for us to remember. Moses could have been a very famous man, but by faith he chose to suffer trials with God's people because of verse 26. There may be offers of fame and wealth that must be faced, but if we choose by faith, we shall choose to please the Lord.
V. 33-34 There have been men and women of faith who have been delivered by God.
V. 35 "And others"... (middle of verse) were not delivered. God valued their faith alike. We also may not be delivered from our trials, but may have to bear them all the way to the end of the journey.
V. 39 First three words. They take in all the above people. Isn't that just grand! To summarize the chapter... verses 8-22 seven witnesses of faith in a "strange" country; verses 23-31 seven witnesses of a walk of faith in the wilderness. Verse 32; seven examples of the warfare of faith in the land of Israel.