Day 197 - Heb. 12

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Verse 1 This "cloud of witnesses" refers to those who are spoken about in chapter 11. When we realize what they suffered, we also will want to be more faithful to the blessed Lord in our life. And then we will be happy to see that all this will bring glory and joy to Him. We will want to put out of our life everything that would slow us down (the weights) and the sin which stops us!
V. 2 Jesus was the only perfect Man of Faith, and so we are to keep our eye on Him.
V. 5-29 All about our Father. How loving and all-wise He is!
V. 5-11 Here we find other trials which we cannot lay aside. We are to realize that they are permitted by our Father. Every wise father has to correct and punish his children when they disobey. We who are fathers are not always wise in this, but our Father in heaven is perfect in His wisdom and in His love when He disciplines us. Verse 5 tells us what not to do... verse 11 gives us the positive promise of blessing.
V. 18-21 Mount Sinai, where the law was given to the Jews. What a dreadful condition to be under the curse of that broken law! This is actually the condition the nation of Israel is in now. (Not the individuals, for any one can be saved who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.
V. 22 Mount Sion. The word "Sion" means "grace" or "sunshine" and this is how God is acting toward us now.
V. 24 Cain was punished for the shed blood of Abel, and Cain had to go out from the presence of the Lord. But the shed blood of the Lord Jesus is the only way by which all who trust in Him can come into the presence of God.
V. 26-28 Things in the world, that once were quiet and peaceable, are now being shaken. Terrible unrest increases. But thank God there is that which cannot be shaken, and it will remain forever. We belong by grace, to that kingdom which cannot be moved.