Day 203 - Num. 3, Verses 27-51

V. 25, 31, 36, 37 See how the Lord chose something special for each family to do. We might think it is a much greater honor to carry the ark, rather than the pins but whatever the Lord appointed for each to do, that was his special privilege. According to 1 Peter, chapter 2, all believers are priests and it is our privilege to worship and serve, hut all must be according to how the Lord Himself directs. The priests were all equal, and did the same work, but not so the Levites, everyone had an individual work to do 4:19.
Let's sort out our thinking of these arrangements while the camp was stopped. The tabernacle was in the center. Three tribes of the people were each on the four sides. But then there was a big blank space between the Tabernacle and the people. On the West, South and North sides, in this blank space were the Levites, for service, setting up the Tabernacle, guarding it, and taking it down. On the East side were the priests. All four of these were of the family of Levi.
V. 23-26 The Levite family of Gershon, carried the lighter things of the Tabernacle through the wilderness for 38 years.
V. 27-32 The Kohath family of the Levites had the greatest privilege they carried the holy articles of the Tabernacle.
V. 33-37 The Merari family carried all the heavy things.
V. 38-39 The priests and Moses lived on the East side. They didn't carry anything. Their work was only when the camp stopped. The priests were for the worship of God.
V. 40-51 Interesting. Instead of each first-born boy of the whole camp being dedicated to God (Ex, 13:13), the Levites as a group were dedicated to God as representing the first-born.
(Remember this when you feel you have a heavy burden!)