Day 203 - Psalm 92 & 93

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V.1 Praising the Lord is only possible when we are enjoying Him!
V.3 Do we praise the Lord with an instrument of 10 strings? Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, one tongue and one heart! Ten strings! Let’s praise Him with all that we have.
V.5 We can see His work in creation, and we know His thoughts of love, for He has shown it all in giving the Lord Jesus.
V.6 There are many fools who deny that God made the world, and care nothing at all for His thoughts of love.
V.14 Isn’t it grand to see those who are old, still happy in the Lord, and telling others of His love. No doubt this specially reminds us of God’s people, the Jews, who in the coming days of their history will bless and praise the Lord.
Psa. 93 Here we read of majesty and glory and strength on this earth in a time which is still future. It is not so right now, but there is One Who is mightier than the waves and floods of man’s rebellions, and He will set it all right. In the meantime, let those of us who know Him, and who enjoy His presence, remember that He wants us to act in holy separation (v. 5).