Day 204 - Num. 4

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We see how carefully the Lord guarded the holy things of the tabernacle. Before the Kohathites went forward to carry their parts, Aaron and his sons must enter and cover the holy furniture. These articles were covered over as they journeyed through the wilderness.
V. 15-20 The privilege and service of the Kohathites. Verses 24-29 the service of the Gershonites, Verses 31-33 the service of the Merarites. The very best years of their life were given to the service of the Lord and His tabernacle. From 30 years of age to 50! How often those very years are used by us to try to find success and possessions here in this world.
V. 49 "Every one according to his service and . according to his burden". Not one thing was left to their own choice all was ordered of God. And each one of us can ask the Lord to show us also the service and burden He may have for us to accept on our way to our heavenly home.