Day 209 - Numbers 9

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 6-8 There were some who were not clean. They confessed it plainly and asked Moses what they should do. Moses asks the Lord. And it is what we ought to do. Turn to the Word of God for our answers.
V. 11-12 How wonderful is the grace of God. He allows time for the defiled one to be cleansed, and so the man kept the Passover on the 2nd month. The details as to how it must be kept.
V. 13 An Israelite who was careless and just didn't bother to keep the Passover, was to be cut off. The Lord has requested of us that we answer to His love by remembering Him in His death. It doesn't mean that a believer would lose his salvation if he is careless, but he will lose his discernment and peace.
V. 15-16 The cloud was visible to all, by day and night.
V. 18-23 The children of Israel rested or traveled only at the commandment of the Lord. What a lesson for us! Today, the presence of the Lord is seen by faith only, but He is present in each believer. He is able to guide and direct us as we journey day by day toward our Home. In order to know when to stay and when to move, an Israelite had to keep his eye on the cloud. It is equally important for us to look to the Lord.