Day 211 - Numbers 11

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V. 1-3 After all this they begin to complain. The Lord heard and He sent fire among them, but again in His mercy, the fire was put out when the people cried to Moses.
V. 4-9 God provided them with daily food from heaven, called manna... enough for everyone. But they grew tired of God's food and wept again for the food they had once eaten in Egypt! All of these six foods came from down close to the earth or in the sea. And is it not true that if we have been eating onions or garlic, others around can tell what we have been eating? And so it is if we feed on that which this poor guilty world has to offer, its T.V. its rock music, the taste will linger with us, and others will soon know where we have been feeding.
V. 11-15 Moses complains to the Lord and uses the words "1" and "me" over and over. The Lord took him at his word, and took some of the spirit that was with Moses, and divided it among seventy chosen men.
V. 24-30 The men upon whom this spirit was given, stood outside the camp, but two of them remained inside, and they prophesied there. They ought to have come out, as Moses and the others did, and a young man noticed this and asked Moses if they should be told to keep quiet. Moses left them where they were. Is it not true today that there are many who are preaching the Gospel but refusing the place of God's choice, gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus "outside the camp"?