Day 214 - Numbers 14

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V. 1-5 It is hard to understand such unbelief and rebellion, (unless we look at ourselves!) Here they are, at the very borders of the land which God had promised to give them, and they talk of choosing a captain and going back to Egypt!
V. 6-10 These two men speak up and trust in God, and because of this, they are threatened with death! (We also are living in a day when there are many believers who refuse the truth that Christ is all, and prefer to go on with worldly ways. Let's not be like that.
V. 11-20 God tells Moses that He will punish those who did not believe that God was able to take them into the land of promise.
V. 34 Although the Lord forgave them at that time, He told them that they would wander for 40 years in that same wilderness, till every one over 20 years of age was dead. Only their children and Caleb and Joshua, would be able to enter into the land.
V. 37 God does not overlook anything.
V. 40-45 When the Lord told them to enter in they refused. Now that He tells then they must wander for 40 years they so, "No, we will enter the land". They are defeated in their first fight with the enemy, for the Lord was not with them; without God is self-will. We shall see this more clearly in the next chapter.