Day 215 - Numbers 15

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
V. 1-2 After all the unbelief of the last chapter, the Lord says, "When ye come into the land of your habitations which I give unto you". Isn't that wonderful? His grace and His faithfulness will be the cause of Israel's being settled in the land. Disobedience on their part, grace on God's part! Never forget this.
V. 3-13 God joyfully looks forward to the time when His beloved people will be in the land; they shall gladly bring their offerings and sacrifices to Him.
V. 22-31 Provision made for sins of ignorance and, the awful sentence of death for the one who sinned deliberately. To be ignorant of the truth is one thing. But to deliberately disobey it, is another.
V. 37-41 Blue is the color that reminds of us heaven. Our daily "walk" would show to others that we belong to heaven and that we want to please the Lord.