Day 216 - Num. 16

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This awful story is spoken of in Jude, verse 11 as "the gainsaying of Core". No doubt there was jealousy in the heart of this man. He finds fault with Moses and Aaron who had a more prominent service. What a terrible thing jealousy is in God's sight! God had chosen each man for his work; Korah was really rebelling against God.
V. 4 A good thing to do. The Lord Himself is our Great High Priest; we do not have the right to choose. Let us submit to our Lord Jesus Christ.
V. 12 Two others who took part in this rebellion.
V. 16-35 Dathan and Abiram and all who are with them, are literally "swallowed up" by the earth, and Korah and the 250 who were with him are burnt. God will not be mocked or challenged, and though He is longsuffering and merciful today, He will bring terrible punishment on those who rebel against the Lord Jesus. Let us remember verse 21, and be separate from those (even believers sometimes) who refuse to accept the Lord's authority.
V. 41-45 This spirit of rebellion was in "all the congregation".
V. 48 Aaron the priest stands between the living and the dead, and the plague is stopped. If it were not for our High Priest, of whom Aaron is a picture, we would never reach heaven. But He is faithful and He who has made atonement, now lives for us.