Day 218 - Numbers 18

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V. 1-5 What a wonderful answer! The Lord cannot lower the standard of His holiness, but here He makes full provision so that "there be no wrath upon the children of Israel", The tribe of Levi was to be "joined" to Aaron. They were privileged to serve, but they must be obedient to Aaron the High Priest. How sad and confusing it is when a believer chooses his own kind of service. Worship must precede service.
V. 8-10 It is good to serve the Lord, but it is more important still to worship Him. They were to "eat" the sin offering in the "holy place". This really means that we should feel deeply and with sorrow, the sin of any believer. We forget this, and perhaps scold and correct someone who fails, without feeling the burden of that sin and our own failure.
V. 14-19 Both people and unclean beasts had to be redeemed.
V. 20 Aaron's possession was the Lord Himself, V. 31 The tithes and gifts that were brought to the Lord were given to the Levites and they and their households were to eat and enjoy them. What a happy thing to find households where those things which are the Lord's are enjoyed together in the home and family.