Day 224 - Numbers 23

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
V. 1-4 Three visions or messages that Balaam gets from the Lord. These four verses are the first. But in contrast with this, we read of these two wicked men's plots. All appearing to be so holy.
V. 5-7 The Lord puts words in Balaam's mouth.
V. 8-10 Instead of a curse, Balaam announces the first of three blessings. Here we see God's chosen people set apart to God separated, or to use New Testament language, "sanctified" (verse 9).
V, 11-17 Back to King Balak's plot to curse Israel. Notice that another place is tried. Satan uses different ways.
V. 18-24 The second announcement from the Lord...we can use another New Testament word..."justified". God's view of His people. Not one sin seen by God. This is your position if you are a child of God.
V. 25-end King Balak tries another place.