Day 227 - Num. 26

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God is taking care to tell us that He knows and has a record of every man who journeyed through the wilderness. There may be times when we believers wonder if the Lord really takes much notice of us when there are so many others who are living and dying in this world. But He does know you personally by name, and watches over you every day. All He asks us to do is to obey Him! He will make us happy and He will be happy too. How foolish we often are, not to obey Him!
V. 63-65 At the beginning of the journey through the wilderness, there were 600,000 men, besides women and children. When they are numbered now at the end of the journey, there are just 2 men left of the original group. All the other men have died in the wilderness and their children have now grown up. God loved them, and brought them out of Egypt, but because of their unbelief and their murmurings, they lost the joy of entering the land of "milk and honey". It doesn't mean they all went to hell. Perhaps there were many who really had no faith at all, and just followed the crowd. Such were truly lost, but there were many others who had faith, and trusted in the Lord. However through their unbelief and murmurings, they missed the blessing of entering the land of Canaan. Joshua and Caleb believed God's promise. They were kept through those 40 years, to enter into the land.