Day 228 - Numbers 27

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
V. 1-11 A few had real faith. There were many around who didn't seem to care very much about their inheritance, but here were 5 sisters without any brothers, who cared very much. (But today, God has given us, men, women, boys and girls, such wonderful spiritual blessings and an "inheritance". Do we value it?)
V. 7 The Lord promises that they will not lose their inheritance.
V. 12-13 What sad news for Moses. He can take a good look at the promised land, but he is told that he must die, and will not be able to lead the people into the land.
V. 15-17 What an unselfish man! Instead of thinking only about himself, and the sorrow of being forbidden to enter the land, he thinks of the people of God, and he asks the Lord to take care of them, and to choose someone else to lead them so that they will not he as sheep without a shepherd.